Writing an Essay About Fashion


Fashion is the prevailing styles of dress, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. The fashion industry deals with how these trends are created and sold, and how they impact society and culture. Fashion journalism is a major part of the fashion industry, and can be found in magazines, newspapers, television shows, and online. Fashion is a highly influential and global phenomenon that changes continuously.

People often use fashion to convey a message about themselves. The clothes they wear and the styles they choose can give a clue about their social class, ethnicity, religion, gender, and lifestyle. For example, a man may choose to wear pink pants and a blazer while going to the gym, or a woman may decide to wear a mini dress with a teddy bear print. The clothes people wear can also be a way of showing solidarity with other groups, as seen in the uniforms worn by police officers or soldiers.

The lines between fashion and anti-fashion are blurred. Things that were once considered to be outside of the changing fashion landscape, such as body art or religious symbols, are now commonly embraced and even promoted by the fashion industry. This is especially true of the way that certain styles become popular through the use of celebrities or other influencers, and then are quickly adopted by the mass population.

When writing an essay about fashion, it is important to include the current trends in the industry. This will help readers understand what is considered fashionable and why these trends are important. It is also helpful to discuss the history of fashion and how it has changed over time. In addition, it is helpful to mention how different cultures and societies have their own established styles of clothing.

While there is no definitive definition of what constitutes fashion, some scholars have proposed various theories. One theory, called the “trickle-down” theory, explains that higher socioeconomic status individuals set the trends that lower classes then follow. Other theories have argued that fashion is a form of rebellion, that it is a form of identity construction, or that it serves to communicate information about the wearer’s social class and/or sexuality.

In the modern world, fashion is a global phenomenon that affects all parts of society. It is influenced by the media, films, music, and advertising hoardings. It is also influenced by the political climate and by the economy. For example, if there is a recession, consumers may buy less fashion, and stores will close.

In the past, fashion was closely linked to wealth and power. For example, women in the 1700s pored over fashion magazines to see what dresses were in style, and men often chose their outfits based on what royalties or other wealthy people wore. Today, many fashion designers create their own unique styles of clothing, and retailers sell these designs to the public. People also share pictures of their own clothes on social media, and this can influence what is in fashion.

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